Laws Promote Division

4 January، 2016

Laws Promote Division  By:Hanan Abu Dgheim The Palestinian people have been living a painful and unprecedented division that left المزيد ..

Citizen and economy victims of double taxation

4 January، 2016

Citizen and economy victims of double taxation By: Walaa Sa’afin   The Palestinian internal division has no longer been the only المزيد ..

?Civil Law in Gaza, life necessity or enhancing for the division

4 January، 2016

Civil Law in Gaza, life necessity or enhancing for the division? By:Samar  Dremli If the Rich Abu Muhammad decides to buy the plot of land المزيد ..

PICD organizes workshop under the title

1 October، 2012

Palestinian Institution for Communication and Development (PICD) jointly with the Coalition For Entirety and Accountability (AMAN) المزيد ..

Activists and journalists: there is a need to reshape the image of a society on the role and aspirations of women

8 December، 2011

A number of male and female journalists, Jurists, and feminist activists recommended on the importance of strengthening the role of women المزيد ..

The questions about UN bid are legal, media influenced by absence of information, Specialists say

21 September، 2011

Gaza City-   Human rights activists and journalists called the Palestinian leadership for going to the UN to get the full membership المزيد ..

PICD announces the winners of the best journalistic work of women issues

28 July، 2011

Funded by the United Nations Development Programme UNDP / PAPP Gaza – PICD on Wednesday announced the winners in the contest  of المزيد ..

Journalists & Specialists: theft of antiquities dating back to lack of awareness and the clear strategy absence

19 July، 2011

Gaza – Palestinian journalists and specialists agreed that the lack of awareness of the importance of monuments and landmarks led to المزيد ..

Journalists are demanding an end to the press thefts with the spread of random Web sites

7 July، 2011

Within the program " press cafe " organized by PICD Wednesday in its monthly " Press Cafe " under the title "media المزيد ..

A demand to Establish a Specialized Training Center for Female Journalists

8 June، 2011

Gaza – "During a workshop held by Palestinian Institute for Development Communication, it talked about paving the way in front المزيد ..

General Assembly of PICD Approves the Financial and Narrative 2010 Reports

7 June، 2011

Gaza – During its annual regular meeting on Tuesday in the headquarters in Gaza City the members of the General Assembly of the المزيد ..

Palestinian media played an important role in deepening the division and did nothing to promote reconciliation”, Journalists say

1 June، 2011

Gaza  Palestinian journalists agreed that the Palestinian media participated in the promotion of Palestinian division, while not yet المزيد ..