Within the program " press cafe " organized by PICD

Wednesday in its monthly " Press Cafe " under the title "media work between quotation, theft and professional. ", Journalists asked to put an end to the press thefts and respect the privacy of individuals while ensuring the right of access to information, and commitment to the journalist ethics , respect for property and opinion rights, during a workshop held by the Palestinian Institute for communication and development,

Dr. Zuhair Abed, the dean of media faculty at Al Aqsa University pointed out the difference between the quotation journalist and theft, and said that" there are many people who are qualified in quotes and explained the difference between quotation micro and macro, noting that much of the journalists are taking the press reports without any editing, especially in light of the Internet and the ease of copying.

"There are many outsiders to the media resort to theft in the event of an informational materials shortage, and which have encouraged the theft that there is no legal provision differentiates between the quotation and the theft and the inability of the stolen goods to submit a proclamation in order to return the right", Dr. Abed said.

"There is lack of institutions to follow up on the theft and the total quote", he pointed out, adding that " the institutions doesn't favorable the journalists work  to express their opinions and discover their skills, but asking them to complete the work immediately and this does not encourage journalism innovation".

" It has be a presence on the responsibility of journalists in order to maintain the dignity of the profession and objectivity and not to cover up the assault on the work of others", Dr Abid stressed during the workshop moderated by the journalist Hassan Jabr.

"The right of any journalist access to information in any form, but lack of awareness and lack of understanding on press that created thefts, especially the search for information and facts become easy now and there has been a lot of facilities to get information and most Media thefts that occur now are the result of the lack of intellectual protection and the law punishes the thief", Shahdi Al kashef a reporter of BBC in Gaza.Stressing the need to assign the information to the point of quoting them and put on them  full responsibility for the news.

He stressed detector on "The source must mentioned  from which the news and information and the credibility of each institution depends on the truth that brings it all, and must submit to the truth and not to justify the theft as a quotation, for we are in a country full of challenges and news continuing and we are able to conclude the work of a big press but we have awareness of the Charter of the press work and it should be a law passed a note to journalists not to prejudice, and not to the absence of media  laws.

The participants discussed the issue of thefts press and display some personal experiences, through the theft of articles and press reports after a short period of  the publication and dissemination of its press releases written by graduates through their volunteer work in the institutions on the name of director of the institution and not on the name of the journalist's article.

Participants recommended to hold workshops to show  the rights and duties towards journalists in the first step in order to defend their rights, stressing that the mission of the press key is to search for truth without falsification and theft with the need to respect journalists and property rights of any journalistic work and documenting the business press in all circumstances

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