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Palestinian journalists and specialists agreed that the lack of awareness of the importance of monuments and landmarks led to the theft of a lot of heritage, in addition to the absence of information on the handling of this case significantly.

Dr. Khaled Safe, a lecturer in the Department of History at Al-Aqsa University, spoke about the absent of the role of the Palestinian cultural, and he said that one aspect of the conflict with Israel is trying to obliterate the Palestinian identity.

Safe, during a workshop organized by the Palestinian Institute for communication and development, in collaboration with the Society of Jerusalem Studies and Research Palestinian in the Institute's headquarters in Gaza City on Tuesday 19 June 2011, and led by Chairman of the Abdul Hamid Abu-Nasr, and was attended by dozens of journalists and lawyers interested in issues of Palestinian heritage," that there are a lot of statistics and information describes how the theft of antiquities and Judaize it".

Safe also  complained of the lack of protection of heritage, and that the looters are everywhere in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, in addition to the theft of manuscripts that have spread significantly in several countries, where the thieves photographing manuscripts and selling them in other countries.

The thieves stole most of the manuscripts of the Palestinian and spread abroad, and attributed this problem to the lack of documentation and documentation of these manuscripts", he pointed out.

"There are causes of the problem is attributed to the occupation, despite the fact that there are a lot of reasons and the problems that led to the theft of manuscripts". He also said.

Dr. Abdul Qader Hammad, the researcher and interested in tourist affairs,explained the  importance of maintaining the humanitarian heritage and the role of media in addressing this issue, criticizing the role of Palestinian media, which does not provide or delay.

He pointed to the failure to address the issues of media heritage.

Hammad, considered that the problem is not confined to one side, the economic aspect plays a major role in the absence of awareness of the importance of the monuments and preserve the monuments, which led to the theft of antiquities and selling them.

"The occupation advantage of all features and cultural heritage in his favor, and as archaeological sites and heritage of Israeli, such as, Palestinian popular cuisines", He said.

Hammad, stressed the importance and the need to develop a clear strategy to maintain the heritage, particularly in the educational curricula to increase awareness of monuments and raising the level of media attention by writing about the monuments and expose the crimes of theft and other Israeli.


Ayman Hassouna ,the specialist in the monuments, reviewed the most important protection of monuments  .

Hassouna stressed  the need to have a law firm that protects monuments, due to the lack of a law protecting the Palestinian Antiquities and Heritage.

During the workshop discussion about theft of the monuments and the circumstances that put Palestine in a circle always accusations, especially in terms of demolition and distructions, while Abu-Nasr set of images of heritage was stolen recently.

 "You should not blame the journalists regarding the failure to address the issue of theft of antiquities in the media, because there is a lot of journalists do not have the awareness of heritage and cultural landmarks and interesting because they look at other issues of greater importance", Hassan Jabr the correspondent of the Palestinian newspaper al-Ayyam said.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants recommended  to find programs to support the journalists for writing about archaeological sites and the formation of committees to maintain the monuments, the enactment of a Palestinian law of Antiquities and Heritage, and attention to curricula that describes the monuments and heritage, and raise the level of awareness of the Palestinians with.

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