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Gaza –

PICD on Wednesday announced the winners in the contest  of the best media work of women within the project "Sensitizing Journalist to Women Issues in Development " in the categories of print  media, radio,  photograph press, television, and cartoon, during the final celebration  in Gaza City.

The journalist Sayed Ismail received ,the first prize in the category of the print media  within the theme which published  in the local Palestine newspaper, while Samar Darimli got the second prize in the investigation published by the Ma'an News Agency, and the third prize was for Moshera Al Haj Tawfiq for investigation  published  on Safed news.

In the category of broadcast journalism Samia Al-Zubaidi was occupied first place for a radio investigation aired in Al shaab radio, while the winning of the second place was the journalist Khalid Oda on the subject which published in the Radio of faith, while the third place was awarded to journalist Ayman Dalloul from al-Aqsa local radio.

PICD withheld the awards television press as well as photojournalism in full. Also, they block the first and the second prizes of cartoon category, while the third place was for the cartoonist Abeer Jibril on the cartoon published in the Sama news agency.

The Institute announced the value of prizes for each category of the five categories a thousand dollars for the first, five hundred dollars for the winner of the second, and the third winner gets a prize of three hundred U.S. dollars.

In the word of (PICD), "We hope that the project represents a starting point and the start despite being effective final conclusion of the project " Sensitizing Journalist to Women Issues in development, "which was carried out by PICD over the past seven months, with funding from the United Nations  (PAPP / UNDP) Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian people",  the journalist Samah Alnmla said.

"The project is a starting point for long-term project in order to contribute in the evaluation of the prevailing stereotypes about women and correct step on the road to sustainable development of the Palestinian community, and we will strive in the future to follow-up, part-funded projects, or even if it is at the expense of the Institute for  make sure to achieve the desired objectives of the project and the vision of the Institute in dealing with development issues and rights", She added

She concluded the speech  by thanking the Board of Directors of the PICD, and sincere thanks and appreciation for the programme support  of the Institute and its activities, and thanks  Mr. Said Abu Gaza  the project manager of intensive follow-up and efforts in order to complete the project successfully.

Bassel Nasser the representative of the program in Gaza, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made to promote women's issues in the media, pointing out the importance of media and journalists in promoting women's issues to improve its image in the Palestinian society.

Nasser explained that the program, continued in his efforts to promote women's issues in the community, noting that the first work was a project to promote women's issues in the local media carried out by the Palestinian Institute for communication and development.

The journalist Samar Darimli, in the winners speech, said:"the  competition contributed to create a state of fair competition between(female and male) journalists to highlight women's issues in various media coverage away from the merely superficial and transient.

 Darimli thanked in charge of this contest, PICD and its sponsored of the event and honor the winners of the contest, and called of this award to become an annual tradition and constant and continued activity within the Institute's activities and programs.

She also called the (female and male ) journalist  to participate in the various categories of the contest and also participate in competitions of local media and give it an attention as grants to participate in international competitions.

The event included the distribution of certificates to participants in training courses held by the project, as well as certificates of honor for the coaches and members of evaluation committees, while distributed shields and certificates to the winners of prizes.

PICD carried out the project "Sensitizing to women issues in development " during the seven months, aimed at different groups of journalists, through training and hold workshops as well as the establishment of a dedicated website, in addition to thecontest for the best media work included the fifteen award, distributed the five categories each category has three places.

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