Palestinian Institution for Communication and Development (PICD) jointly with the Coalition For Entirety and Accountability (AMAN) organized on Wednesday a workshop entitled "The Role of Board Members of NGOs to Fight Nepotism", in the presence of Dr. Yusef Safi, Director of Hadaf Center For Human Rights, and Bakr Turkam, Legal Advisor to the Coalition for Entirety and Accountability "AMAN"

The Workshop, was held in the Headquarter of the National Agency for Family Care (NAFC), and attended by a number of Palestinian citizens benefiting of the National Agency's services.

Safi stressed on the role of the of the Boards of Directors at NGOs organizations to fight nepotism, and promote entirety and transparency.

He stated that nepotism results from the absence of injustice and good governance; which lead to hatred among people in the Palestinian society.

"Nepotism is a piece of a prevailing culture among the Palestinian society, and political state of division and the political organizations contributed in the spread of such kind of culture, and of course on the expense of the interests of people unaffiliated to any of political parties, '' said Safi.

He believes that nepotism led in various ways to the dissipation of the energies and competencies of the Palestinian people, either forcing people to emigrate or employing a non-suitable person in inappropriate place.

Safi called upon the board members in the non-governmental organizations, to commit to the administrative and financial systems, and the standers of transparency and integrity, and prevent illegal excesses  that may in any way lead to corruption in the organizations.

Al-Turkmani, on his part, presented an outline on the coalition "AMAN'', the coalition's programs and projects; which aims at promoting transparency, integrity, and accountability.

He said, ''The corruption in the organizations, is an actual abuse of  the office and public functions for private interests."

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