Detained by the police force in Gaza City on Thursday, four journalists working for the channel "Al Jazeera" English, they are: reporter Nicole Johnston, and the product Sami zyara, and photographer Maher Abu Koota, and Assistant Rami Massoud.

According to the testimony of the crew, the police detained them for an hour and a half in the police headquarters passports before their release.

The detention of the crew came while they were covering a peaceful demonstration organized by dozens of citizens to protest the closure of the "Youth Forum sharek" temporarily last week by a decision of the Attorney General in the Gaza Strip.

Police also detained 18 young men for several hours, then released them and kept three of the bloggers and young poets under arrest until the hour of making such a statement.

A number of those released have been investigated with regard to the comments they wrote on their pages on social networking site on the web, "Facebook", or on the pages of friends to them, and their participation in the protest peaceful, represents a clear violation of freedom of opinion and expression and the right to peaceful assembly as guaranteed under the laws of Palestinian force.

The arrests follow the crew of "Al Jazeera" English in the wake of a number of attacks and abuses against journalists and media workers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in order to impose more self-censorship and silence them.

A number of journalists reported that security officers were detained in recent their passports and identity cards, while several others were prevented from leaving the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Institute for communication and Development,  strongly condemns the detention of the crew, "Al Jazeera" English and the continued detention of three young men, and restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression, and the continuation of violations against journalists.

And the institute  demands the government in the Gaza Strip for the immediate release of three young men, and non-recurrence of such violations, and to ensure and facilitate the work of the media and journalists, and protection.