The Internal Security Agency continued to invoke the journalist Salama Salah Salama Attallah (29 years), a reporter for French  Channel (France 24) for the fifth time in a row to his headquarters in Gaza City.

As it reported by the journalist Atallah to the Institute that he has told from the Internal Security Agency reporter to come to the headquarters of the west of Gaza City for review at approximately 10:00 am on Thursday, 30/6/2011 AD, he has been notified of the deadline while he was inside the headquarters, wherehe  summoned by the Internal Security Agency to attend at his headquarters four times, most recently on Sunday, 26/6/2011 and detained for several hours, "he was interrogated inside the headquarters, and that the investigation focused on a report news prepared by Atallah about the Salafi group in Gaza calling itself (the Taliban Palestine) , and asked him to disclose his press information sources, and how he connected  with  the group, and the places of photography, they also forced him to disclose the password of his e-mail", Atallah said, also "he was subjected  to the ghost on a small chair, and the beatings and verbal abuse during interrogation",he confirmed.

 Palestinian Institute for communication and development, condemns the call to the journalist Atallah and cruel treatment which he suffered, it confirms that the freedom of opinion and expression and freedom to receive information and their dissemination and circulation is guaranteed by the Palestinian Basic Law, as guaranteed in international standards of human rights. And that the procedures followed by the right Atallah contrary the Palestinian law, which organized the presence of civilians by police and limit the power of presence and corpus notes in specialized points which does not include the Internal Security Agency, and the Internal Security Agency does not enjoy the status of judicial officers.

 Accordingly, the Institute Emphasizing that what the colleague Salameh  Atallah was subjected is contrary to the law, especially as the background concentration is his work  as a journalist, it demanded the Public Prosecutor opened an investigation into abuses and violations committed against fellow Atallah and accountability of those involved, including putting an end to the call of journalists by security internal or other entities that are not their jurisdiction.

PICD calls for the government in Gaza to take all measures that would protect journalists and ensure that they enjoy their work freely.