Press Release


The implications and negative effects of division continuing on the reality of the Palestinian freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the press work and freedom of the media work, and the continued denial of access, distribution and printing of the Palestinian newspapers in West Bank and Gaza Strip, one of the most prominent of these repercussions.

PICD as it welcomes of all steps and announced agreements to translate the reconciliation agreement, but it expressed great regret at not to apply the aspect of the free access and print newspapers in the West and the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

PICD restores that the ensure of the freedom of the press would give reconciliation a strong push on the ground, and would play an essential role in the face of all override law forms, especially those directed violations against personal freedoms, public, and the right to freedom of opinion and expression, including contributing to the promotion of national efforts to stop these violations and abuses and to promote freedom in the occupied Palestinian territories and the full-time to meet the ongoing occupation and its crimes against journalists and the media as it is sustained against civilians and their property.

Thus, PICD confirms that the freedom of the press and media and freedom of opinion and expression is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and the Press and Publications Law.

PICD, which reiterates welcomed all efforts made to translate the reconciliation agreement on the ground and expressing deep regret for not fulfilling the necessary steps, which was the fifteenth of January deadline verification of implementation, including ensuring access and print Palestinian newspapers, in West Bank and Gaza, it calls on the Governments of Gaza and Ramallah to take immediate decisions to implement this step, which is represented an introduction of contributing  to support and promote the path of reconciliation on the ground.