The Palestinian Institute for communication and development  renew  his condemnation of the utter condemnation of the practice of the security services in the Gaza Strip against Palestinian journalists and photographers from severely beaten with batons and insults, and breaking in  the offices of news agencies and the confiscation of camera equipment and tapes.

The Institute is deeply serious consideration to a series of attacks on journalists, whether by beating or humiliation, confiscation of equipment and tapes photography, and the storming of the headquarters of several foreign news agencies, which constitutes a serious escalation and a clear violation of Palestinian law.

Contrary to practices of the security agencies on the ground with the statements and the statements of Palestinian officials in Gaza government during ceremonies honoring the different, and press releases, as well as the attitudes of the government media office.

The Institute stresses on the need to pave the way for the press and journalists to exercise their freedom, according to Palestinian law and international norms, as the Palestinian journalists are not a party to any events taking place on the earth, it is useful to stop the violations and abuses the right of palestinian citizens, and respect for public freedoms, particularly freedom of opinion and expression.

The Institute expresses its solidarity with the journalists  heroes who are working 24hours  for the line of duty and those who emphasize that these attacks would not dissuade them from continuing their heroic and national supervisor role.

And it calls for the need to unite all journalists to confront them and rejected them and called on the government in Gaza to take measures to stop these attacks and conduct their investigation and putting in place mechanisms and procedures for punishing who made them  to ensure that they are not repeated and the protection of journalists and respect freedom of opinion and expression in word and deed.