Tuesday, the third of May (May) International Day for the freedom of the press, however it is  appropriate  dear to the heart of all who belong to the profession of journalism around the world, it is  important for Palestinian journalists who have been suffering for more than sixty years of the policy of gagging and attempts to stifle the truth pursued by the Israeli occupying forces, to gloss over the continuing crimes, which violate the most elementary rules of international law and human rights standards.

Fate made the Palestinian journalists who belong to the field of media work to pay the eighth of Palestinian division, where a violation of the freedom of journalism, media and freedom of opinion and expression and the assault on journalists, custody and bring them to unfair trials, a more negative consequences of cruelty to this division.

On this day, every day, lament the souls of the martyrs of truth and freedom of the press who wanted their blood pure path of freedom and justice and independence, and we hope good recovery for all injured, and freedom for the prisoners of them.

The Institute calls to investigate the attack on colleague, the journalist Zakaria el talmas today, and previous attacks, especially in the last March, the implementation of the promises of the Minister of Interior to investigate and hold perpetrators of police and security.

Because today was not the announcement of penalties by the government against the aggressors, repeated abuse in light of the new state of confidence after the accounting and prosecution.

 By the end of the division and reunification of the political system, the Palestinian Institute for communication and development  congratulated the  Palestinian journalists in this happy occasion and wishes them for their courage in exposing the crimes of the occupation and address all the violations.

 The Institute confirms on a set of parameters, including:

• The journalists and media figures form an advanced and active front  in the face of  Israeli violations and crimes, and evidenced on that the important results and the task that resulted from the transfer of the course of aggression, which is what it is to be without the risk of journalists who pay a number of them with their lives for the truth.

• Any political system that seeks to promote the rule of law and separation of powers, democracy must seek first to protect the freedom of journalism and the media, and respect for the right to freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of access to information and transfer and diffusion, and that any claim democracy system without ensuring the freedom of the press is totally false and easily refuted.

• Press form one of the most important safeguards against corruption and detect corrupt, as they play a crucial role in shedding light on social problems and their negative effects on society at the same time as a tool for control and accounting community.

• The Institute emphasizes the need to organize free and fair elections, transparent and synchronized in Palestine Journalists Syndicate, the calls based on the union to engage the press all the spectra in the electoral process on the basis of partnership and equality, the rejection of exclusivity and factionalism, uniqueness and distribute promotional quotas.

• Institute calls halt all attacks and violations against Palestinian journalists, including imprisonment, threats and intimidation, which will not only increase their hardness and unite behind their rights and freedom and continue on the path to freedom.

• Institute invites the international community and international institutions for Human Rights to work hard and diligently to protect the freedom of press in the occupied Palestinian territories.

• It calls on Institute of Arab Journalists Union and the International Federation of Journalists and the international institutions that deal with freedom of the press to promote and activate their solidarity with Palestinian journalists and expose the violations of which they are exposed.

"The reunification of the Palestinian political system and form a transitional government must ensure respect for constitutional rights and freedoms, particularly the right to freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of journalistic work, which constitutes the fundamental guarantee of progress towards the democratization of society and a strengthening of good governance", the Institute stresses.