The Palestinian Institute for communication and development  condemns  the aggression arbitrary and unjustified and unacceptable to the journalists and confiscated cameras and breaking a number of photographers to prevent them from filming and documenting the attack on the protestors in el kateeba who call for ending the division between the parties to the conflict, the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas.

(PICD)voices its grave concern at the attack, police severely beat the secretary of the Institute and press asmaa el ghoul and detention  her for several hours and arrest her, before her release in the middle of Tuesday night / Wednesday, during the ongoing assault on all of the presence in el kateeba and its environs, and the threat of the President of the Governing Council colleague Fathi sabah of  beating and detention him, as well as confiscation of the ID card and press card to a member of the Governing Council of the Institute colleague Hamid jad  for several hours.

The Institute strongly condemns the attempt of the palestinian police to storm its headquarters in Gaza City on Tuesday evening, following a violent assault on a number of palestinian journalists and photographers in el kateeba.

In the opinion of the Institute in the repeated attacks of the police in Gaza to Palestinian journalists, photographers, a flagrant violation of all standards, in an attempt to muzzle the mouths and the confiscation of public freedoms guaranteed by the Palestinian law and international norms.

The Institute also condemns the abuse of excessive force on citizens gathered in el kateeba, especially women and cursing them shamefully.

 The Palestinian Institute for Development Communication calls,  the Palestinian government in Gaza to form a commission of inquiry in the immediate attack on Palestinian journalists, whether by beating or humiliation and the results made public and those involved accountable, and development of procedures to ensure non-recurrence of these painful events.

Journalists who were assaulted in the sit-ins also are: colleague Mohammed al-Baba, a photographer for Agence France-Press, a senior fellow twitter Bileiha, TV correspondent my Iraqi colleague, Omar Bashir, a correspondent for Future Television of Lebanon, colleagues Manal Khamis, Raafat Toman, Talaat Al-Agha, of the agency aswar  Press, colleague Sameh Ramadan, a reporter for Voice of the People, colleagues Dima Lababidi, Yasser Debabeche of  al eman radio, my colleague Fadi Shana, a cameraman for the Reuters news agency, colleagues Nael Gbon, Mahmoud Sawalha of the Abu Dhabi satellite channel, colleague, Mustafa Bayed, a cameraman for Channel Russia Today , colleague, Jamal Abu nahel, a cameraman for Al Arabiya, colleagues Adnan perch, Mahmoud Ajrami, of BBC Arabic, colleague Abdel Zakut, a cameraman for a news site of Palestine, my colleague Mahmoud Zanoun, a photographer for the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, associates allow Ahmed, a freelance journalist, colleague Akram Atallah, a news writer, and colleague Munir Almunirawi, Managing Director of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.