The Palestinian Institute for communication and development severely condemns the  assaulted  of the women police of the government in the Gaza who beat the secretary of the Institute fellow journalist Asmaa Al Ghoul on her head and slapped her on her face and humiliation in the interrogation room at the headquarters of General Intelligence.

It also condemns the  beating of director Razan Madhoun and insulted her and a number of colleagues, journalists and bloggers, and the confiscation of identity cards and card press of a fellow Fares Al Ghoul and try to arrest him while performing his duties, and our colleague Ahmed Dhabba, and insulting them verbally abusive during the follow-up to the peaceful sit-who has tried a number reporters, journalists and bloggers organized in the garden of the Unknown Soldier on Monday, January 31 (January 2011).

Based on the testimony of detainees, the Institute is gravely concerned to seek to discredit the detention, by treating them as if they were criminals or being held against the backdrop of "moral concern" and threatening of arrested them with criminal prisoners, and take photographs for them.

Institute and refuses   the security treatment, beatings and humiliation practiced by the police with the protesters and detained, despite the commitment of the leaders of the movement "Hamas" not to treat police or security services with the protesters.

The Institute mentioned   that the police and the competent organs of the law violate the right to peaceful assembly, which provides notice to the governor or the chief of police before holding sit-in around 48 hours, which is done by the organizers.

And the Institute calls to put an end to attacks of police and security services, and   the repetition of the phenomenon of abuse and humiliation of citizens and journalists, and to prevent any activities or sit or peaceful protests guaranteed by the Constitution and the Palestinian law, and laws and international conventions and treaties, and respect the right to peaceful demonstrations and protests and freedom of opinion and expression and the essence of freedom of the press.

The Institute calls for President of the government  to instruct the police and security behavior change utterly in dealing with citizens, and to draw lessons from these incidents, and calls to investigate these attacks and bring those responsible to fair trials, and publish their findings publicly.