The Israeli military court "Salem," on Monday extended arrested Allawi (46 years) the Director of "Al Jazeera" in Afghanistan, that was the day after the arrest of other journalists in the occupied West Bank.

The arrest of Allawi was after a visit to his family in the town of Sebastia eliminated to  the city of Nablus in the northern of the West bank.

The occupation forces arrested journalist Osayd Amarneh (26 years), who works for "Alaqsa" channel, after storming his house in Dheisheh refugee camp, in the east of Betlahem, southern of the west bank and shooting inside the house.

It is the city of Hebron, IOF arrested at dawn on Monday, 22/08/2011 journalist Amer Abu Arafa, the correspondent of agency local "Shahab" in the West Bank after the raid of his home in Hebron.

The arrest of journalists Amarna, Abu Arafa and Allawi,  the number of the  journalists detained in the prisons of the occupation during the past few weeks raised to five.

The occupation forces arrested the journalist Mohammed Basharat, (25 years), from the city of Tubas, north of the West in July, and the journalist Nawaf Al amer the producer of programs in Al-Quds satellite channel in the West Bank in the June .

And indulging them in violation of press freedom and punish Al Amer of a fault he didn't do, and after having failed to fabricate any accusation ,he has turned to administrative detention.

In the Gaza Strip, the heavy Israeli bombardment of civilian buildings caused  badly damaged in a number of governmental and private institutions and private, including the Office of the Chinese News Agency "Hnjua" in Gaza City.

PICD condemns in strongest terms the continued occupation authorities in the arrest of Palestinian journalists, bombing and destruction that affects civil institutions, including the media and press, and the suppression of freedoms.

PICD calls the international community, especially the United Nations and international press associations and regional, and Arab and international unions for the condemnation of Israeli violations of the freedom right of the press and Palestinian journalists.

PICD calls these actors, and others, to put pressure on the occupyied authorities to release journalists and stop the repeated serious violations on the right of the Palestinian press.

PICD sends greetings to the Palestinian journalists and media staff on all their effort to cover the crimes of the occupation during the recent aggression, and along the stages of the national struggle for the freedom of Palestine and its people.